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Sports Premium

Sports Premium

‘Sport Premium’ is a new funding package that has been recently announced by the Government. They are providing schools with additional money over the next two years to support the delivery of PE and sports in schools.Over the last year the Sports Premium Grant has been used to aim to fulfil the following criteria:

-Increase in participation rates in such activities as games, dance, gymnastics, swimming and athletics

-Improving Extra-Curricular sports provision

-Participation and success in competitive school sports

-Ensuring that Physical education becomes more inclusive

- Work on physical education with other schools and other local partners


Sports Premium allocation   2015 - 16


Allocation  per school   


Allocation  £5 per child x 265 children






Specialist Sports coaches


Inter school sports competitions - transport


Lunch time  sports sessions


CPD-TA / Lunchtime supervisors  training


CPD- Teacher training - e.g. orienteering


CPD teacher Supply cover/ transport costs


PE  Co-ordinator PE training - gym, dance ,swimming


PE  Co-ordinator Supply cover




CPD teacher - swim training 


Sports event




Sports clubs instruction



Impact of Sports premium funding 2015 /2016

(The difference it has made / will make)

• Ensuring strong, sustainable, effective links to the 2012 Games Legacy and Olympic and Paralympic Values

• Increase opportunities for level 1 an 2 interschool opportunities

• Enhanced, extended, inclusive extra-curricular provision

• Understanding of the values of true sportsmanship

• Enhanced, inclusive curriculum provision

• Enhanced quality of teaching and learning

• Increased capacity and sustainability

• Positive attitudes to health and well-being

• Improved behaviour and attendance

• Improved pupil attitudes to PE

• Increased pupil participation

• Enhanced quality of delivery of activities

• Positive attitudes to health and well-being

• Improved behaviour and attendance and reduction of low level disruption

• A more inclusive curriculum which inspires and engages all pupils

• Enhanced quality of teaching and learning

• Extended, alternative provision

• An increased awareness of healthy lifestyles

• Enhanced quality of provision

• increased participation in competitive activities

• Increased range of opportunities

• Sharing of best practice

• Increased pupil awareness of opportunities available in the community.