Barley Croft Primary School

Covid 19 Information

Rationale for Remote Learning at Barley Croft

The COVID-19 outbreak has forced us to rethink both schooling and working arrangements. Remote Learning can be challenging and at Barley Croft we would always prefer for learning to be in school. We know for learning to be most effective, children need to work together, receive timely feedback and encouragement from their teachers and be able to discuss their thinking and try out new ideas in collaboration with others. In addition, classrooms are packed full of stimulating physical resources and specialist equipment that helps bring the curriculum to life and helps support children to access the curriculum.


However, with the current pandemic and uncertainty, we will need to offer access to Remote Learning. The aim of Remote Learning is to provide continuity in learning and pastoral support in order to minimise the impact of our school closure and ensure that the transition back to the physical classroom is as seamless as possible. Remote Learning is a team effort and together we can ensure that the provision we offer in school is closely mirrored in the virtual classroom.


Please refer to the policy and procedures document below for how this will be carried out should we need to offer Remote Learning for any reason. 

Remote Education Policy

Symptoms of Covid19

School Reopening Arrangements