Barley Croft Primary School

Art & Design

Art and Design


We intend that all children should enjoy the experience and develop their skills in order to ensure they leave with a positive memory, a lasting love of the creative and an appreciation for others’ art work and design.  We intend all children are challenged to self- reflect so they can discover their own style and medium within the variety taught and strengthen their resilience, building their self esteem.  We intend they should understand how art fits into their own culture and community and learn how to express themselves in this way.   We intend for them to experience art and contribute to the school’s unique environment and beyond.  



Art is delivered through our REAL project approach. REAL projects are the means by which we bring the National Curriculum and Barley Croft curriculum alive.  It stands for ‘Rigorous, Engaging, Authentic Learning’ and we place importance on each of those elements in order to run a successful curriculum project. Each project culminates in a final product or event which showcases their learning. Children can talk about what art skills they have learnt within the project and how these have been used in the final outcome.

All skills are taught progressively during a two-year cycle and this is monitored at regular intervals throughout the year. Children are taught the knowledge and skills they need as part of REAL project lessons. It is made explicit to the children what they are learning. This builds on their previous knowledge and skills and how this contributes to the project. Children are assessed throughout the project using a range of methods and this is captured at two points in the year.

In order to expose the children to a breadth of artistic styles, they will study an artist in depth termly. These artists have been chosen to cover a variety of cultures, eras and artistic movements.



When children leave Barley Croft they will know that:

  • Art and design are about expressing yourself and your ideas and experiences in a 2D or 3D form.
  • A sketch book is a gathering of ideas and thoughts
  • Light and shade provide tone and are used to draw the viewers focus.
  • Texture can be physical or visual and provides depth to the work
  • The sky meets the earth at the horizon, there is no white space between.
  • Size and colour can change the perspective within a piece of art
  • A pencil can create a light line or a bold line
  • Art can be created using anything and everything
  • Art and design is everywhere, from the house you live in, the clothes you wear, the cartoon you enjoy reading, the animation you enjoy on tv, the films you enjoy watching to the picture you choose to hang in your bedroom. 
  • Art has developed and changed through time, reflecting the changes and stories in history and can be seen in the work of famous artists.