Barley Croft Primary School

Ethos and Values

At Barley Croft we aim to provide a stimulating and challenging learning experience in a safe environment to enable all pupils to achieve their full potential.

This will be accomplished in the following ways: -


  • Children will receive high quality teaching using a range of stimulating resources that maximise the context of the local area and beyond.
  • The learning atmosphere will be safe, where children can express themselves in the security of an open and supportive classroom in which they can fully develop their academic and social skills.
  • Children will strive to maintain high standards of behaviour.
  • All children will have access to a carefully planned, balanced and relevant curriculum which promotes a positive attitude to learning.
  • Have high expectations set for all children in order to raise levels of achievement across the school.
  • We endeavor to meet the needs of all children, including those that are more able and those with special educational needs within our environment.
  • All children are encouraged to develop as individual thinkers and learners, taking responsibility for their own lives.
  • The school will provide for the physical, social and moral development of every child.
  • Children will be encouraged to demonstrate attitudes of courtesy, sensitivity and tolerance as appropriate in a multi- racial community. The school will not tolerate any discrimination or inequality of opportunity.
  • We aim to deploy our resources, both human and material as effectively as possible and aim to keep up with innovation.



Our core values are based on our learning powers and encompass everything that we try to achieve for our children. The children understand that our learning powers underpin all that we do at the school and will help them develop into happy, healthy and empathetic members of society. 


Our learning powers (value) are:








To learn more about these, please visit the curriculum page of the website