Barley Croft Primary School



At Barley Croft Primary school, PSHE is not something which happens on its own. It is at the heart of our culture, ethos and everything we do. It extends beyond the classroom and is engrained across the school and throughout our children’s education. We strive to make our children well-rounded, tolerant and aspirational young people when they leave us.

PSHE forms an integral part of our whole-school curriculum intent. We want our children to be a living representation of it, showing personal qualities of honesty, courage, kindness, respect, ambition, integrity, community, democracy, gratitude, liberty and tolerance. PSHE will support the personal development of our children into valuable members of society who embrace diversity, have resilience and who know how to stay mentally and physically healthy. We aim for our children to celebrate every member of the school family, embracing all cultures and communities. We encourage our children to ask questions, and find ways to challenge themselves and others as well as resolve conflicts. When children leave Barley Croft, we hope that they are ambitious, well-rounded individuals who are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to realise their potential.



Our PSHE curriculum teaches our children how to do this through a structured and developmental programme. As of Autumn 22/23, we will begin following the Jigsaw scheme of work in addition to our existing long-term map of knowledge and skills progression. Our PSHE curriculum effectively meets the requirements for SMSC, British Values and Prevent.

Our curriculum offer meets the diverse needs of our community and is tailored to our children. We offer opportunities during sessions for children to develop their oracy and vocabulary skills through discussion-based lessons.

The Jigsaw scheme develops the whole child through a spiral curriculum approach to developing knowledge, skills and understanding in the areas of:

  • Being Me in My World
  • Celebrating Difference
  • Dreams and Goals
  • Healthy Me
  • Relationships
  • Changing Me

In KS2, PSHE is supplemented by Votes for Schools. Lessons incorporate both Jigsaw and Votes for Schools elements to provide a rich and varied discussions. Children debate a range of topics including those from current affairs as well as a range of other relevant and engaging issues. Children are encouraged to challenge their own and others’ thinking and then consider how they would vote on a weekly question. These votes are collated and sent to a range of organisations so that children know that their voice matters.

We are currently developing our monitoring procedures and from 22/23 a new PSHE lead will take responsibility for the subject. Our focus will be embedding the Jigsaw scheme and monitoring its effectiveness on children’s knowledge and skills progression and retention. We will also be developing the use of ‘case studies’ to prove the impact of our input.



  • The impact of our PSHE curriculum is that children leave us as well-rounded and aspirational young people with their own moral code. They will responsible, reciprocal, reflective, resourceful and resilient learners, ready to take on the challenges of secondary school. They will care about and engage with the communities to which they belong and understand the impact they can have on the wider world. Our children will care about topical issues and be motivated to make their mark on the world.


  • As of 22/23 We will begin using case studies to measure the impact of Barley Croft education on our pupils. We will use a monitoring schedule to assess children’s knowledge and skills including teacher and pupil voice and lesson observations. We will measure the effectiveness of the Jigsaw scheme regularly to ensure it continues to meet the needs of our children.