Barley Croft Primary School

School Development Plan

School Development


All the plans we have for the year are mapped out in our School Improvement Plan. All the staff and Governors at Barley Croft work hard to always try and improve our fantastic school.

SEND Parent Survey

You let us know how you feel about the way we look after your child’s special educational needs by completing our parent voice questionnaire. Your views are very important to us and your feedback has helped us to improve what we do in school.


What have we learnt from your feedback?


Things that you feel we are doing well at Barley Croft

  • You know about the progress your child is making in school
  • You feel that your children are happy in school
  • You feel involved in the completion of your child’s pupil passport
  • You feel able to approach staff about concerns you have about your children


Things that you feel we need to improve on

  • Making it clear who to come to for advice about your child’s special need
  • Making it clear where to find the school SEND policy and information report


How your feedback has helped us to improve

  • We will be sending out the SEND information report and policy on parent mail
  • We will send a link out as to where to find these documents on the website
  • We will send out an information about who can help you with SEND advice in school
  • A SENCO drop in session will be held in the spring term for any parents wishing to speak with the SENCO