Barley Croft Primary School



At Barley Croft, we aim to provide children with a variety of computing experiences and equip them with the skills needed for an ever-changing digital world. We intend to provide our children with opportunities to use computing across the curriculum to: enhance learning, enable them to develop problem solving skills and encourage them to think creatively. We aim to develop independent learners who are fluent in their understanding of computer science by teaching them how to use a range of programs where they are able to design, create and evaluate their work. 


We hope, that by providing our students with varied and frequent use of technology, they begin to understand the many ways in which technology can be used effectively both in and out of the classroom and also give them an awareness of some of the many careers that are related to computer science.   


With technology playing such a pivotal part in our students’ lives, it is vital that we teach our students to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. We ensure our children are taught the importance of safe internet use. In every year group, e-safety is a key focus.   


Our ambition is for our children to leave us having an established understanding of how to stay safe while using technology and equipped with computing skills which they will be able to apply to their further education and future careers.