Barley Croft Primary School



PE is a key part of school life and vital for children’s future health, fitness and well-being. It is therefore our intent to provide a PE curriculum that is broad balanced and accessible to all. Our curriculum provides opportunity for pupils to become physically confident as well as developing values and transferrable skills such as fairness and respect. We aim to inspire and motivate all pupils by offering opportunities to be involved in a variety of sports games and activities and equip them with the necessary skills knowledge and experiences to enable them to make informed choices about physical activities.  



We follow the Rising Stars programme from Year 1 to Year 6 and using guidance from the development Matters to write a scheme being implemented in Foundation stage this year. The Rising Stars programme is implemented by all the straight year groups are following the correct year units. The mixed year groups are following the lower year in their class.


Leicester City coaches help to support the classes where Units are not taught at their specific age to ensure coverage for their age group. The importance of staying healthy is taught through Wake and Shake in the breakfast club. Rising stars also gives us health units that can be taught alongside the Science units when appropriate. The school also provides further opportunities for children to excel a in this area and compete in competitions against other schools in a number of sports. We also provide inclusive opportunities for children to attend events in the local area.



When children leave Barley Croft they will be able;

  • To understand that exercise is important to keep you healthy.
  • To be able to play as part of a team – motivating and working collaboratively.
  • To know that games have rules.
  • To understand the mental health benefits of daily exercise.
  • To be aware of their own strengths and weaknesses.
  • Possess a wide variety of motor skills.
  • To be able to confidently swim 25 metres unaided.
  • To understand the importance of warming-up and cooling down.
  • To be gracious winners and losers.
  • To respect sporting officials (E.g. referees, umpires..)