Barley Croft Primary School

Designated Specialist Provision (DSP)

Barley Croft Primary School hosts 2 Designated Specialist Provisions; one with a specialism of Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) run by our own school staff, and one with a Communication and Language (ASD) specialism operated in partnership with Oaklands special school.

Here you will find information about both DSPs.


Barley Croft DSP - SLCN


Barley Croft is able to offer eligible pupils placement within the Designated Specialist Provision (DSP) if appropriate and where agreed by the Local Authority.  


The DSP is a specialist provision seen as an integral part of Barley Croft.  It offers pupils an appropriate curriculum based upon the National Curriculum.  The individual needs and learning styles of students will determine the strategies used.  This may include 1:1 and small group learning, integrated individual programmes of work as suggested by therapists and other professionals, signing and teaching in small steps and the use of alternative communication methods (including PECS and technology assisted). 


The SENCo lead teacher, in conjunction with the DSP lead teacher ensures that the EHC Plan provision recommendations are implemented, monitored and reviewed.

Barley Croft Primary School                      Age Range: Y1 to Y6
Malham Close, Leicester


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School Contact Details

Headteacher: Kevin Lacey     
SENCO: Katie Kirkland
DSP leader: Vivienne Brooks

School PAN per year group: 45

DSP places: 15 (Y1 to Y6)

Type of Provision

The unit provision offers specialist speech and language intervention on an intensive basis and provides access to mainstream education curriculum and speech and language models.  Staff work with parents and professionals to ensure an integrated approach to developing speech, language and communication skills.

Range of Need
Children are placed in the DSP where their primary need is SLCN.
Included in the selection criteria are children with:
  • phonological difficulties
  • comprehension difficulties
  • expressive language difficulties
  • semantic and/or pragmatic difficulties
  • articulatory disorder
The provision at Barley Croft is not suitable for children who have multiple complex needs that also include associated communication problems eg ASD.
School Environment
  • The DSP has provision for up to 15 places from Y1 to Y6.The 15 places are within the standard number of the school.

  • The children are supported by speech and language therapists and specialist teacher/teaching assistants.

  • The children may be based fully in the dedicated resourced teaching base or a mainstream class or a combination of both depending on need.

  • Children are fully included in the mainstream school for trips, assemblies, playtimes and also have a dedicated playground/outside learning space.
School Organisation
  • The length of the placement is dependent on need

  • Speech and language therapy is provided on a weekly basis by NHS speech therapists.

  • The speech therapy is provided on an individual basis or in small groups and further supported by programmes of study carried out by the DSP staff.

  • Children require a statement or EHC Plan in order to be considered for placement by the Local Authority.

  • Currently children are placed in the DSP by Leicester City and Leicestershire County Councils.

  • Transport is provided in accordance with the Local Authority SEN transport policy.

  • Each school year group will have no more than 10% of pupils with a statement of needs.

Oaklands @ Barley Croft (O@BC)


Oaklands @ Barley Croft is a unique Local Authority venture creating a ground breaking partnership between Oaklands Special School and Barley Croft Primary School. Barley Croft already has a successful DSP within the school, which meets the needs of children with Speech Language and Communication Needs.


The new unit, Oaklands @ Barley Croft (O@BC), provides places for up to 8 autistic children and those with sensory processing difficulties. These children are taught by Oaklands National Autistic Society accredited specialist staff, using the pedagogies and practices that best meet their needs, whilst giving these children access to the wealth of wonderful experiences enjoyed by the children and wider community of Barley Croft Primary School.


Parents who may be interested in their child attending Oaklands @ Barley Croft will need to speak to their current school SENCO in the first instance. Only children with Education, Health and Care Plans can be admitted to O@BC.


Such a partnership has never been brokered by the Local Authority before and we are excited to work together in such an innovative way.